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Default Re: Who should play Ms. Marvel if she gets her own film?


I think it should be somewhat easy for Carol and Mar-Vell's relationship to be romantic and intense. Ideally, they should be introduced as a "couple". Carol is in the military and has been working with Walter who is consulting for the military on some McGuffin (maybe trying to harness the military power of another Infinity Stone). They've moved past the "are they or aren't they" stage and are dating, but obviously both wondering what the future holds for very different reasons - Carol isn't sure about dating a civilian and Walter isn't sure about dating a human.

Then Walter is attacked/kidnapped/whatever and you get the dramatic reveal that he is a Kree. Cue relationship dramas. Then they eventually pull together as a team, only for things to end tragically. I think it could work.

I agree that it definitely needs to be more Mr and Mrs Smith and less Pretty Woman. I definitely want there to be some playful ... biting comments between Carol and Walter. I really wouldn't want their relationship to be presented as perfect and easy.

A distinctive setting for Captain Marvel could be an issue, but I think the blend of military and space could set it apart from Captain America and Guardians. Perhaps they could reveal SWORD mid-way through or towards the end of the film to truly confirm the "military in space" aspect? Maybe Abigail Brand could even be Carol's BFF in the military (either in a junior role with leadership in a future film or an undercover role for SWORD)?

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