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Default Re: Who should play Ms. Marvel if she gets her own film?

That is a good question. I think for Carol she's trying to prove herself worthy. She has something to prove, that she can do this, that she can be this person, that she's strong enough, brave enough and good enough to do so. For her, it's a challenge. She is a legacy character, and facing that legacy is her biggest goal. Mar-Vell believed in her... does she believe in herself? Will anyone else? That's a consistent angle for her in the comics, and it's a strong angle, that can really resonate with the audience who wants on some level to be superheroes, as well as with the trial of the modern woman to prove herself, much like we saw in Agent Carter's One Shot.

That's why Mar-Vell has to be such an incredible hero. This is not to say that Carol would be a hostage for the first two acts. She would be a non-powered action hero, not unlike Black Widow in Iron Man 2. Her flying a jet backing up Captain Marvel as he has an aerial superhero fight. They'd be an action couple, at least in my version, because you have to seed throughout the movie that Carol is every bit the hero that Mar-Vell is, so when he, dying is all like "No, Carol, you saved me." The audience is all teary eyed like "Yes, yes she did!"

Caity Loitz wouldn't be bad. I do prefer Katee Sachoff if we're going with a TV player though.

I would be totally, totally 100% fine with an unpowered Carol being in the supporting cast on the Jessica Jones series. In fact, now that it's in my head, I now prefer it. I agree that she shouldn't start with powers, obviously.

I can see the value of Una in a romantic drama, but when I look at "Romantic Action" films, there's not a lot of room for triangles, unless that is a main plot point of the film, like This Means War. I think that's just cuz it's hard the action metaphor would then have to include the romantic rivals duking it out, and Una vs Carol doesn't quite sound right.

The "Is there a Ms. Marvel" line is cute though, they should easter egg that. Also "Warbird" as her pilot handle. I have no idea how to throw "Binary" in there... perhaps that's best saved for later.

I do like what we have, this action romance horror alien flick. That angle holds true. Even if there's a sequel, you can bring in Wonder Man as a new love interest, or throw in Michael Rossi to have a triangle. Those two can actually battle each other, so to speak... or not so to speak. And who knows what might be trying to kill them then, y'know?

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