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Default Re: Who should play Ms. Marvel if she gets her own film?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
That's why Mar-Vell has to be such an incredible hero. This is not to say that Carol would be a hostage for the first two acts. She would be a non-powered action hero, not unlike Black Widow in Iron Man 2. Her flying a jet backing up Captain Marvel as he has an aerial superhero fight. They'd be an action couple, at least in my version, because you have to seed throughout the movie that Carol is every bit the hero that Mar-Vell is, so when he, dying is all like "No, Carol, you saved me." The audience is all teary eyed like "Yes, yes she did!"
Pretty much the way I'm envisioning it too, although its a valid concern. In terms of pacing, and plot points, I keep changing my mind -- does she get her powers earlier (say at the midpoint of the film) and then he dies later at the end of act 2. Or do the events happen roughly concurrently? Or does she not gain her powers until after he dies. Should he die as early as the midpoint of the film -- is that enough screentime for him to leave a sufficient legacy? OTOH, should he even die at all, if he's Thanos' foe, given what's coming? (I think he should, just considering all the angles).

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
I do like what we have, this action romance horror alien flick. That angle holds true. Even if there's a sequel, you can bring in Wonder Man as a new love interest, or throw in Michael Rossi to have a triangle. Those two can actually battle each other, so to speak... or not so to speak. And who knows what might be trying to kill them then, y'know?
Sequel-wise (if we ever even get that far), I figure it starts out with her talking to a psychiatrist (Karla Sofen), and trying to figure out why it is she does what she does. Guess who she would fight in the finale.

Originally Posted by Hypestyle View Post
when will we get the hints of her appearances in a movie. Guardians?
I don't expect to see Carol in GotG, since it mostly doesn't happen on Earth. But with Ronan and the Kree in it, we may get at least an oblique reference to Mar-Vell. It's also possible (but quite unlikely) that Carol could be referenced in Age of Ultron, or (more likely) show up in the Jessica Jones series.

EDIT: While I'm warming to the idea of seeing her show up early, the main problem would be that it takes the casting decision for the lead actress out of the hands of the film's would-be director (unless they decide on a director early on, and collaborate with them). That's not an insurmountable problem, especially in a shared universe -- Whedon didn't get to cast the Avengers (except Hulk, obv.) and Black didn't get to cast RDJ & pals -- but it is at least a complication. At least in those cases, the characters had already been well established as leads.

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