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Default Re: Who should play Ms. Marvel if she gets her own film?

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
I think early in DeConnick's run, there was moment where Carol was reminiscing about how even as a kid, she knew she belonged in the sky, completely free of Earthly tethers. And when she told her dad she wanted to join the Air Force primarily to fulfill this dream, he told her he didn't feel women belonged in the military, so she joined the next day as basically a "f*** you" to him.

So I feel like to her, these powers granted her the ability to rise above all the constraints and roadblocks she's run into all her life that were determined to tether her to Earth - freedom in its purest form, and the right she's earned to walk her own path and do what she's always known to be right, no matter what anyone says.
Interesting, and deep. I think the arc, of going from "Let me show my dad" to "I have shown my dad" to "I do this for myself" is definitely big for the character. I personally would stretch it out over two movies rather than put it all into one. The latter, when it becomes just for her is more empowering and more inspiring, no doubt, but to highlight her as being free you have to show her as being tethered in a number of ways, you have to show her failing, and I don't think that goes well with a film where she has limited time to show how unfailingly awesome she is next to Mar-Vell. Could work with a bangin screenwriter though.

Originally Posted by cph9fa View Post
Pretty much the way I'm envisioning it too, although its a valid concern. In terms of pacing, and plot points, I keep changing my mind -- does she get her powers earlier (say at the midpoint of the film) and then he dies later at the end of act 2. Or do the events happen roughly concurrently? Or does she not gain her powers until after he dies. Should he die as early as the midpoint of the film -- is that enough screentime for him to leave a sufficient legacy? OTOH, should he even die at all, if he's Thanos' foe, given what's coming? (I think he should, just considering all the angles).
The way it is in my head right now, she actually gets her powers near the beginning, the same time most heroes usually get their powers, the same time Mar-Vell's heritage is revealed to her. Over the course of the film she makes use of Kree-only technology like a blaster or a ship and then near the end she gets Mar-Vell's stuff.

I wouldn't kill him until the last third of the movie. I think his 'comeback' from the really bad stuff at the end of act 2 should be his death scene, basically. The setup for the third act is his death, basically. It doesn't get much darker or more impossible than the hero dying... the surprise, he doesn't come back. Cue epicness.

I don't think, in this universe, Mar-Vell can be Thanos' big time enemy, simply because of when the film will be released. If it is in Phase 3 by some miracle, then having Thanos looming in the background, or being the one whom Mar-Vell received his dyingness from makes a TON of sense. Perhaps Mar-Vell carries some key to Thanos' defeat. But if not by Phase 3, that angle probably has to be let go.

Sequel-wise (if we ever even get that far), I figure it starts out with her talking to a psychiatrist (Karla Sofen), and trying to figure out why it is she does what she does. Guess who she would fight in the finale.
Brilliant! The having a therapist angle goes really well with her learning to do this just for herself. But you're right, that's far flung future stuff.

EDIT: While I'm warming to the idea of seeing her show up early, the main problem would be that it takes the casting decision for the lead actress out of the hands of the film's would-be director (unless they decide on a director early on, and collaborate with them). That's not an insurmountable problem, especially in a shared universe -- Whedon didn't get to cast the Avengers (except Hulk, obv.) and Black didn't get to cast RDJ & pals -- but it is at least a complication. At least in those cases, the characters had already been well established as leads.
This would be a challenge, total agreement. I think it would be important in that context to, when she is featured, make the stories great, so making a movie of her can be viewed as continuing a great story, like taking over a franchise, except with freedom to determine so much, rather than being saddled with a half finished project that you can't start over.

Originally Posted by Hawkingbird View Post
I think there should be at least another 2 leading ladies in a Captain/Ms Marvel film. Maybe Jessica Drew and Agent Brant?
I think Abigail Brant and Jessica Drew would be pretty awesome to include. They work pretty awesome as her close friends. I don't know how they'd fit in the story... Brant works as a SHIELD Agent, or SWORD Agent.

Hey, what if SWORD is SHIELD's offworld strike force. Makes the name make a lot more sense and since MCU SHIELD does 616 SWORD's job, SWORD needs another job, so what if SWORD is what catches up to/wormholes to the Kree ship to get/free/catch the Kree? So not a separate organization, but a task force within SHIELD made for offense, hence SWORD!

Jessica Drew is a harder fit. Not sure how to work that in.

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