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Default Re: M. Night Shyamalan's One Thousand A.E.

Originally Posted by Rocketman View Post
I have a strong feeling this movie is going to be Night's Big Comeback. And I hope so. I miss him.

I knew The Happening would be bad.
I knew The Last Airbender would be bad.

This time around, I can't say After Earth will be bad. I genuinely think this will be huge.

The other thing I've noticed is this strange pattern. When you look at casting, who were Night's biggest stars for his movies? Who drew in more of a crowd? Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson. These were the biggest stars of their time. And now you're throwing Will Smith into a trinity of Hollywood royalty.

The Sixth Sense - Bankable star = Success (box office and critical)
Unbreakable - Bankable star = Success (critical)
Signs - Bankable star = Success (box office)
The Village - No bankable star = Failure (critical)
Lady in the Water - No Bankable star = Failure
The Happening - No bankable star = Failure
The Last Airbender - No bankable star = Failure

If he's got someone as huge as Will Smith, this movie will NOT be a failure.
Aye, I said something similar a while ago, about the fact that he had the massive names in the best written ones, and that Will Smith wouldn't put up with any kind of a crap script, much the same as Gibson and Willis.

The Happening actually made 103million dollars, haha, so LITW and TLA are the only ones he's made that have actually bombed at the BO(apart from the two films he made pre-Sixth Sense). When you compare that to some other director's careers, M Night is still batting a v high average in terms of BO.
edit: but aye, of course, that is not the problem in his case, his is a case of getting back his artistic mojo.

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