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Default Re: The Photography Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Deathlok View Post
I don't have a photo to put in here, but as you guys and girls obviously have a lot of talent, I want to ask a question...

I'm looking at getting a digital SLR camera sometime in the next few months. Mainly to coincide with my trip to New York this October. I aim to get some great shots of the Enterprise Space Shuttle (to add to the photographs I took 30 years earlier at Stansted Airport) and stuff at the NY Comic-Con.

Anyway, I was thinking that perhaps it would be a good idea to get something that also had fair to good video recording capability too.

Any thoughts, advice and/or recommendations would be very much appreciated.

Now, back to the pictures... !

Canon usually has a better video functionality than Nikon so my advise to you is to check some Canon cameras.

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