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Default Re: The Photography Thread - Part 1

Get a T3i and put the rest of the money into lenses. It's not full 35 sensor, but then you get a huge jump in price that isn't really worth it unless you're like professional.

In the Ti series, the t3 is pretty much the same as the T2, but the screen flips which helps outside. The 4 is not much better than the 3 but it has a touch screen which is super handy (but the screen has a lot more glare too), the 5 is SLIGHTLY better than the 4, but it's actually worse for video.

So yeah, T3i, get a really good SD card (Sandisk Extreme 32 or 16), and some lenses. (There's the "nifty fifty" for $150 - it's a really nice 50mm prime lens).

With all of that, you'd be looking at $750 for a really good kit. (Get the 18-55mm T3i stock, not the 50-120)

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