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Default Re: Chicago Filming: Information (Use news/pics thread for discussion)

Originally Posted by riskproductions View Post
Tips to anyone wanting to spy on the sets:

-There are two other garages on either side of set garage. Theres one right to the northwest, 13 stories. This garage (we'll call it garage A) has the view from where the above pic was taken. The problem is, when filming the scene, they will probably station a PA in the lobby where the elevators are. There was a security guard there Friday night but I dont think she was with the filming, she had a podium in the lobby. Also remember, in case they have a PA on each level, Im pretty sure the stairwells have a glass wall facing the set, so try there.

-The other garage (say garage B) is taller and it is to the northeast of the set garage. If your looking at the pic above, it would be right behind the set garage to the left. It is much taller and probably harder to cover with PA's.

Sasquatch, if anyone else has tips copy and paste this into the bottom of yours and you can add them maybe?
I saw the security guard in garage A as well and went right by. No questions asked. I think garage B is a much better view and like you said, plenty of floors to choose from.

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