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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

Originally Posted by Jamiestarr View Post
First of all, is there anyone that likes the Prequels, but doesn't accept/like/love the Original Trilogy? Again, I don't think MOST Star Wars fans really draw the lines. They don't have separate rooms for us at conventions.

I mean they are all part of the same thing/story/etc. For me, it's not because it's factually a "better" Trilogy, it's because it's what made me a fan in the first place. Again, I urge you all to read Roger Ebert's review of the Phantom Menace. It's first few lines are brilliant and so on point.

Secondly, let me put it like this:

OT only fans often comes across exactly like-

-Your dad saying "Back in my day music was real music."

-Your Grandpa saying "Johnny Unitas, now there was a REAL athlete."

-Your hipster cousin saying "Dude, this underground indie band that no one has ever heard of is the only RELEVANT music, not that crap on the radio."

-Older Batman fans saying, "Adam West...the only TRUE Batman."

-90's Batman fans saying, "Michael"

-Nerdier Batman fans saying, "Kevin Conroy destroys all others as BATMAN."

-Anyone ever saying, "Oh, the book is soooo much better than the movie."

Basically, it comes off as smug and arrogant when it is completely subjective and boils down to preference.

In reality, we are still just arguing about spaceships, princesses, laser swords, muppets, cgi monsters, and fantasy BS that we own and buy all the merchandise for even though we claim to "love" or "hate" or "know about" it more than anyone else.

You own all of the Prequels? What about not just buying because of a brand? :-) When you read your Star Wars Insider do you skip past anything dealing with Star Wars from 1999-2005?

See? You are an overall Star Wars fans who is VERY apt at picking apart the Prequels. The fact that you own them says a lot. Later, gator. :-)
Well with the Complete Set, you got all the special features for the OT, with the Trilogy by itself you did not. That and I'm a collector with films, and I like having em all. But again, I am giving an opinion on it, and not just a biased one where I just want to hate things.

As for the rest, again then what is the point. Roger should not have reivews at all. Because all those you described is people giving opnions. So it's almost you've contradicted yourslef. And saying it's just the itnernet, again that's your opinion and how can you know otherwise? Again there is a mass opinion on things does it make it right or wrong? Well that is subjective, but there is a mass opinion to a point. Again I was a kid when I saw this, I'm far form a hipster, ask Cal and many other people on these forums, I'm usually the one defending things. This is a rare exception. (maybe because I'm more passionate about Star Wars ) So in some ways maybe since it was aimed more at me as you say...I have more of an interesting view point yes?

Good talk though.

Originally Posted by TheDevilIsMe View Post
Exactly my point when I refer to those that defend the PT as those who 'Love the whole saga'.

And most fans may not draw lines, but the ones on the internet do which is who I'm mainly talking about.
I don't think the internet is some alien thing. Many normal people will rate things ect. Like I said earlier, Rottentomatoes User reviews, there is one million reviews almost for each of the Star Wars. And there is the massive difference. So are some of them these fans yes. But a million is a lot of people, and I think is a mixture of a little bit of everyone.

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