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Default Re: Zach Snyder plans to speak with Frank Miller for MoS Sequel

It's funny. Of course Superman fans don't want to see Batman come onto the scene, steal the spotlight and make Superman look bad.

But at the same time, as a Bat-fan do you think I want to see my favorite character rushed into a reboot only to serve as fodder for Superman in a Superman movie? The mere idea of putting Batman on the same screen as a god-like hero is nerve-wracking to me, because it's so easy to unintentionally make Batman seem impotent and comically inadequate next to someone like Superman. It's happened in the comics so many times. So you're damn right I want to make sure Batman gets his moments to shine and is shown to be a worthy adversary to Superman. It makes sense too- why should someone as powerful as Superman eventually respect and value Batman as an ally if Batman can't find a way to go toe to toe with him? If Batman manages to beat Superman at some point, then Superman knows he's a worthy ally going into the future.

I want Batman to be given his due respect in this movie not for the sake of some sort of fanboy fap-fest, but because it's what's right for the story. And I don't think Batman and Superman only having "minor" disagreements and then teaming up is what best suits the nature of their relationship. These two need to have it out in a big way. It's Man vs. God. The potential is epic.

This is going to be tricky as hell to pull off. And a lame compromise situation where they just have a few scuffles but then have to pull it together in the third act sounds SO tired, predictable and corny.

It seems like no matter which way they go, there's a downside for someone.

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