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Default Re: HONEST Answers Only... Did You Cry? (SPOILERS)

I'm surprised that not many have brought up the scene where Alfred left Clark.

I felt bad for both in that scene, and I can't remember the last time where I saw Bruce Wayne in that type of emotional state on the big screen. To see the guy suddenly hear that everything that he had once hoped on...believing that he COULD have had a life with Rachel for the last 8 years, only to hear that she had picked Harvey over's like tearing the last piece of hope.

In a way, i feel like Rachel became the very thing that Ra's had told Bruce about during their training, on how the memory of a lost loved one had become nothing but poison to those grieving; wishing at times that the person you cared about didn't exist so that you'd be spared your pain.

Also, another scene that got to me was when Bruce got back home, while it was raining at night and Miranda going inside with him. For the first time, I REALLY SAW on how lonely Bruce was. Before, he at least had Alfred..or even his rage...but here...he was a broken man who had no one around to comfort him or sustain him in any way.

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