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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by kalelinri View Post
i was just looking at what movies are being released in April and the movie that stands out the most for a MOS trailer to be attached to is 42, the Jackie Robinson movie.

I bet (let me stress, i am speculating) that the next trailer is attached to that film on April 12.

It is being released by WB and Legendary. That makes the most logical sense to me.
Originally Posted by Mysteryman View Post
I think 42 is a logical choice .
I think there might be some sort of preview at WonderCon which is two weeks before 42 is released.
It should air with "Jack the Giant Slayer" (which may turn out to be a good movie) as well as other films out that weekend -- of March 15 (Oz the "Great and Powerful", "Bullet to the Head", The Hobbit, and "Gangster Squad" - if they are still in theaters) --. That way you will catch the spring break crowd. You also want to come out with TV ads during March madness and another trailer in May to air with
"Iron Man 3". "42" although a film about a popular figure in history is going to turn out to be another "Red Tails" and won't hit a lot of people who could possibly interested in a film with more action like "Man of Steel".

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