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Default Re: Tim Boyle's The Phantom

The Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies were all influenced by old serials, and the latter was also clearly influenced by James Bond. Halloween was influenced by The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The Metal Gear Solid games were influenced by Escape from New York. Every superhero movie that came after it, both good and bad, was influenced by Superman The Movie (still the best comic book movie by far, IMHO). Batman Begins obviously got a lot of inspiration from Blade Runner in terms of look. The list goes on forever.

I want a Phantom movie to have its own identity, and not rip off anyone, but there's a difference between being influenced by other things and copying it.

The fact is, TDK have raised the bar of what a comic book movie should be in terms of quality, and if the filmmakers aspire to make a product that is as sophisticated, intelligent and exciting as that film, I wouldn't dream of complaining personally.

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