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Default Re: The Joker's background?

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I agree. He definitely cut himself. It fits in with the image of not actually caring about himself. Like the scene in Brian Azzarello's Joker, where he puts the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger, there was still a bullet in side, but he didn't care. Just laughed at it.

I have this pretty chilling image of him inflicting the scars on himself and laughing whilst doing it. It fits with the story he told to Gamble, and telling Rachel he saw the funny side to it.

You know, he might not actually be schizophrenic, thats a possibility. Could be a mild form however. If it was serious, he wouldn't be in control of himself and his behaviour and actions would be far different.

But that's a question of what really caused him to become the Joker? Did he research the behaviour of mentally ill people to fit his image? What did he use for his inspiration, that would fit his own fantasy? Clowns obviously being main.

Clowns are people who are basically walking jokes. They don't take themselves seriously, they spread their fun onto others. You can get away being the fool whilst dressed as a clown, because its all part of the act.

Joker must have had a representation of a clown in his head and used it. Because he obviously does over analysis things, trying to find a meaning to them.

The Glasgow Smile. He wanted to scar his face to fit in with his 'new' face. His new lease on life, no longer being tied down by order and sanity. He could have left, he didn't have to cut himself, but he did. TGS is more than any ordinary smile , its actually a matter of life or death. He might have died, but as soon as he survived it, he became the Joker once and for all. That fits in with his survival from the chemicals in the comics. Notice how he did it to himself, but blamed Batman? Like in the film, scars himself, but blames others for it happening to him. Refusing to take responsibility for his actions.

The Joker is clearly an intelligent man, and that high intellect obviously caused him to philosophically assess himself and life around him.

He's obviously antisocial, and the main factor in that is? Chaos. To Joker, chaos is his view on the world. He cant make sense of decent society and thrives on chaos because its the only thing he believes in. In a world with no rules, chaos would ensue. That would make the Joker happy, because he can finally say to himself
"I knew they were all like me!"

To him, the world is mad, and people living normal lives is confusing to him. So he tries to change that.

Joker is very much aware he's insane. Like the comics. He denies things, then admits to them. He denied being insane to Gamble, but admitted it to Batman. Constantly changing his story. He lives in his own little fantasy world. He lies to others, and he lies to himself. Sometimes believing his fantasy is the truth, until he conjures up another one and realises he was lying to himself but simply shrugs it off. He doesn't care.

Lying is a way of protecting ones self. So maybe Joker conjures up lies in his head so he doesn't remember what his past was like. But obviously, he didn't like it bevause he keeps sharing how bad it was for him. He can only face up to the fantasy and not the reality. So by lying to others and himself, he's protecting himself. It seems deliberate in cases, but maybe because his mind is so damaged he does it on reflex. Then realising that he was lying, but after doing it for so long, its his way of life and he's used to it. His mind has become obsessed with blotting out his true past.

He is aware of certain things, not everything, at least until something else pops into his head. He lives the fantasy in his head, then finds another one. Keeping in tone with his psychosis, which he has painted on his face for everyone to see. So he's both self-aware and sub-consciously to an extent about how his mind works. That does seem like a mild form of schizophrenia. His mind in tact, but running on his fantasy fumes.

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