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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5 -

I agree with Nathan.

Why make an Ant-Man movie after just introducing Ultron. You don´t simply bring in Pym just after having Ultron if they aren´t connected.

I think Dr Henry Pym created Ultron a long time ago. Ultron tries to escape but is limited by the technology cause Pym is still so far ahead of his time. Every time Ultron tries something Pym is there to stop him as well. Tony on the other hand... "I am awesome and It´s done by me so it can´t be bad" and he has the resources and the brain to evolve Ultron. Stark is perfect for Ultron. He can exploit his ignorance, brain and resources to accomplish his ultimate goal.

The thing is, if Ultron can change the events leading to Tony making him, then he should already be powerful enough and not need Stark. This is why I think it´s all connected to the timegem somehow.

I´m a huge Thanos fanboy and Ultron is top 5 so naturally I come with these very strange ideas. One thing I´ve thought about is the title tho. Age of Ultron. Why is it his age? I think it´s more about Ultron messing with phase 2 to make it his age.

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