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Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
I'm not debating the quality of the decision made, I'm arguing LastSunrise's continuing persistance to insult and degrade anyone who disagrees with him.

Let's be straight; I absolutley hate the decision to kill of Cyclops and give his role to Wolverine. There is not a single part of me that thinks "this was the way to go".

However, within the context of the movie, despite it being the wrong decision, it doesn't ruin the movie for me the way I thought it would. Some people may say that I'm grasping for straws, but I think the essence of their love is still there, in her wanting to die for what she did to Cyclops. And I don't like having blind assumptions and insults made about me because of a particular opinion I have about a movie.

I am definatley not a Wolverine fanatic, and I definatley know a little something about the comics. The creative decision (or political, or whatever it was) to kill Cyclops and put Wolverine in his role does in fact, hurt, as an X-Men fan, and I agree that it's "insulting".

Yet, I still love the movie, and despite the fact that it was the wrong decision, I still view the way everything handled to be at least a successful, alternate take (though not a truly acceptable one) on the mythos.

That's probably bad wording, because it makes it sound as though I support the decision more than I do. Quite frankly, I don't. But what's done is done, and quite frankly, it doesn't ruin the movie, or the story for me. What it does is keeps it from being as special as it truly could be if handled properly.
In other words you're saying that no matter what, just as long as it has the X-Men on it and is directed by a crappy director, horrible writers, and have politics ruining artistic vision you'll accept it because it's the X-Men.

About time you finally admitted it Nell.

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