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Default Re: Cyclops Returns(Old Thread Closed)

Originally Posted by DarthCyclopsRLZ View Post
Besides her kissing her Wolverine a couple of times when they both thought they would die??? Extreme situation, I know, but it reeked of "If Only/What If". Which, ya know, isn't supposed to happen when you love someone else. I mean, I don't think Cyclops would've been kissing any other female had he faced a (moreso than usual anyway) life-threatening situation before the merge with Apocalypse. Hell, even then, no one before the Emma affair.

And as whether Jean did or didn't quite tell Wolvie to f*** off or made great efforts to nip it in the bud when he was pursuing her, I suppose it's a matter of opinion.

About the Emma affair, well, Jean did try to make a not-so-subtle move on Wolvie in New X-Men 137 (I think - well, between 135 and 138 anyway). Who knows what would've happened had Wolvie not stopped her. I mean, stalking a half-naked guy in the woods??? Come on, she didn't just want to talk.

Not that Cyke doesn't get his share of the blame (eh), but they were both the bad guy at that point, really.

I believe I read an issue about them kissing when they thought they were about to die somewhere and flipped through those pages as fast as I could coz I found that kiss was more than unbearable...and I was more than a little annoyed towards Jean. You're supposed to think about the one you love in the last moments of your life! Not kiss another guy as if saying "well, I'm gonna die, might as well just do it coz it's probably my last chance to make out with a guy who isn't my husband, and since I'm dying, I think I shouldn't be blamed." I agree that Scott wouldn't have done such a thing when facing the same situation, and imagine just how he would feel if he found out what exactly his wife was doing when her life was in critical situation. (I'm not sure whether or not he ever found out, my memory are fuzzy)
I admit it's quite disturbing to know Jean and Logan seems unable to keep their hands and mouths off each other, especially when she is a married woman. Always wondering what is inside Logan's head, if the situation is reversed, I will bet he would have gutted any guy trying to pursuit his wife a long time ago let, alone kissing her, also I always think he's a little hypocritical coz he seems to think Scott has to be perfect and everything for Jean otherwise he doesn't deserve her at all while Jean keeps falling out of line and he seems more than happy to fall with her.

Anyway, I just hope Jean will cool her head when she was in dead mode before coming back, or she can just stay dead and let Emma have Scott. At least, Emma isn't likely to kiss Logan under any circumstances.

The ultimatum before Jean's proposal didn't exactly come out of nowhere.
Do you remember which issue is it? The problem with X Men comics is there are too many extensions and confuse me all the time.


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