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Default Re: Cyclops Returns(Old Thread Closed)

Originally Posted by LastSunrise1981 View Post
Danoyse, Storm22, and plenty of others I know love this film, and I get along with them just fine.

But you just basically admitted that as long as it has "X-Men" on the front and is directed by a mindless action director, written by two hacks, and rushed into production you'll like it and buy it because it is the X-Men.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to watch Schindlers List, since you know, I actually enjoy GREAT films.
Oh shut up, PLEASE.

I didn't "admit" anything. Once again, like always, you are taking what I said and completely taking it out of context, and twisting it to suit your needs so that you can make yourself look better than me.

If that's all that I wanted, was "X-Men" plastered on the cover, then I wouldn't give a **** about the errors that were made in the film. But I do give a **** about them, and the errors bother me. I've stated that countless times.

I find that the movie has more to offer than Cyclops' death, and Rogue's curing, and a speech that Wolverine gives to Iceman. Yes, those things are all "out of character" for the X-Men mythos, but there is tons more that is totally IN LINE with everything that I love about X-Men. I'd rather not spend the time listing off every little detail in this film that I feel is "right" that outweighs the list of what I think is bad.

So please, get off of your damned high horse, I am absolutley sick and tired of your ****ing attitude around here. It's starting to truly piss me off the way you constantly twist my words around and make your stupid little snide remarks about me in an attempt to degrade me because of my opinion.

Don't even try to play the "I get along with Storm22 and danoyse" card here, either, because it wasn't long ago that you were bashing them in the very same sentences you were bashing me in, and I don't have to go back very far to find those posts.

I did NOTHING in my post to provoke you, but again, like always, you find the need to stick in your little nose and take cheap shots at me because you can't handle my opinion of this film.

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