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Default Re: Sexism, Racism, Jingoism and Homophobia- That's entertainment!

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Transformers doesn't have to be shallow or weak fiction.

Transformers are machines that are alive and have souls. The Autobots were originally worker class machines. The decepticons were a military class. A multi-million year civil war between the two robot classes took place as Autobots wanted freedom and the decepticons wanted tyranny. Their war is extended to Earth when they search the galaxy for energy to win a strategic advantage. This can be a great sci-fi story in the right hands.
If the Alien in Alien suddenly spoke in a John Wayne-esque voice, you'd struggle to take the concept as seriously as Ridley Scott intended it to be taken. Transformers are ENGLISH speaking aliens who interact and have fun adventures with humans. You take that aspect away and you'll have something that only vaguely resembles Transformers. Even the basic premise though is nonsensical crap. No advanced robot gains any strategic advantage from transforming into our cars and trucks.

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