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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by spideymouse View Post
Fans have even doubted actors who had been in genre films. See: Chris Evans.
Evans was doubted because he was always comic relief. To put it in Ninja Turtles terms, they were trying to take a Michelangelo and turn him into a Leonardo.

Fans seem to have no concept that acting involves becoming someone/ something else, and often times, actors who have played a character who is 90% the same, or even 50% the same, in another film, have no interest in repeating themselves and getting typecast. Meanwhile, actors who have never done these sort of roles are itching to spread their wings, and explore new genres, new character types etc. That's part of their craft.

I admit certain characters have physical expectations attached to them, but Sharon Carter is NOT Wonder Woman. Her character doesn't center around being amazonian. She's a field agent for a spy organization.

Scarlet Johansen, all 5'4" of her, just played Black Widow, a character who can, according to the Marvel handbook, bench 500 lbs. No one batted an eye. I don't see how Alison Brie is somehow beneath the physical standards of a character who's physical standards are, quite frankly, rather attainable.

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