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Thumbs up Re: IGN - Spider-Man 3: 4th Worst Movie Of All-Time?

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
It gets the hatred IMO because of how disappointing it was. I think there is just so much resentment towards the film.
Co-sign. You hit the nail on the head; disappointing and resentment being the key words here. The first hour or so of the movie is good entertainment; it doesn't really cross the line until Brock becomes Venom. Silliness abound, but it had some of the best action sequences of the trilogy, and considering how many elements they were juggling with the plot, the movie was very well paced.

As for 4th worst all time? Maybe if you've only seen 4 movies. It was a below-average film, but it was more disappointing than anything else.

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