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Default Re: IGN - Spider-Man 3: 4th Worst Movie Of All-Time?

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
Agreed. That's exactly how I see it. They gave him a lot of **** during production, and ruined his film. So I guess his attitude was, "you want Venom? Here he is!" The raindrops scene in SM2 fit perfectly, and didn't come off that way.

They should have told him to put the symbiote in SM3 so he could introduce him in a future film at most. By adding the symbiote story, they had to take away from Sandman and Harry's story and make everything feel cluttered.
That would come off pretty pathetic and childish though, which is why I don't think Raimi's attitude was like that, only that he got caught up in the politics of Sony wanting their way, Arad wanting his way and Raimi still trying to achieve his vision.

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
If I had no hype for Spider-Man 3 at all, I wonder how I would have reacted.
This and also if someone's favorite villain wasn't in the film. If it was Sandman, Vulture and "New Goblin", I wonder if I would've just gone with the ride as I wasn't hyped up to see any other villain besides Venom, which is my favorite Spidey villain.

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