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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - Part 9

Originally Posted by The Shield View Post
lol I'm sorry. I get it tho, not everyone is going to see it just because I do so easily. But may I ask if not this then what? Is it because he's not in action? Or do you have something else you are waiting to see? Do you have a ideal? I ask bc there are others out there who haven't "seen it" yet and I just want to get an idea. I mean for me if I pick up a Superman comic from the past 3 decades, Cavill looks like he could have posed for the artist as a reference.
I'm not sure how to pintpoint it... he seems to have adopted Daniel Craig's facial expression for this shot. There are so many pictures of him where he looks very Superman-like. Here, he just looks cold and detached and dressed as a Roman general.

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