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Default Re: Howard says that not getting to Reprise his Ironman role killed his career!

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
Howard is younger, taller, and more handsome than Cheadle. He would have been able to carry a solo spin-off with the right supporting cast. I don't think Cheadle carries the weight to do that any longer at this point in his career, unless War-Machine/Patriot is part of an ensemble cast. A War Machine spinoff, for the money it would cost, is simply not worth it at this juncture. So Howard and Marvel effectively killed that project by not settling their differences from the getgo. I don't know if we are ever going to see a CBM with a black actor in the lead now. I don't think John Stewart gets a film after GL bombed, and Luke Cage and Black Panther are too small to garner significant interest. Blade was ground breaking but had an established actor and played off an already popular genre. We will never get a major tentpole with a black hero in the lead for a long, LONG time.
I completely disagree with this. Cheadle just won a best actor Emmy starring as the leading man on House of Lies, his work in Hotel Rwanda blows away anything Howard has ever done. And watch him in Traitor with Guy Pearce. He has more than enough acting chops to carry his own flick imo. He just wasn't given good material in IM2.

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