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Default Re: Colman Reese vs. John Blake

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I take issue with the idea that the "message" of the Batman story is that only Bruce Wayne could possibly muster up the will to be Batman. That seems like a hollow and circular message to send out to me. Messages in fiction should comment on aspects of life and offer something universal...not comment on themselves. What is the value of a message that says, "Only Bruce Wayne can be Batman"? What can we learn from that?
Why do you want the Batman mythos to be some moralizing tale about street vigilantism? Why does it have to have a singular "message" that we can all apply to our lives? Why can't it just have compelling characters, relevant themes, and darn good entertaining storytelling?

The fact that only Bruce Wayne can be Batman isn't a hollow message. It isn't the kind of moralizing message you are looking for at ALL. It is only because you want it to be a moralizing message that you find it hollow. But if you want to universalize it, here you go: every human being is unique, and we find ways to be courageous and to fight for good in unique ways. Bruce Wayne is a unique character, and Batman is a product of his unique psyche, background, history, and influences. We can still be inspired by Batman without everyone having to become Batman in order to show courage, etc. Bruce Wayne is a unique person, there will never be another Bruce Wayne. Anyone who tries to be Bruce, or his unique creation Batman, will be making a futile attempt, in the same manner that someone attempting to replicate Nolan's batfilms will always produce a second-rate imitation - because they aren't Nolan. Because people are unique.

Batman is not a legacy character. Far from it. Nor was Batman supposed to be a legacy character in BB and TDK - the idea was to save Gotham for a time when there wouldn't need to be a Batman. Only TDKR changed things up. And it changed things up to expedite the shoehorning of a two-dimensional character into the cape and cowl in order to try to justify a) Bruce giving up the Batman identity forever and b) having a "Robin" knock-off character for completion's sake.

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