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Default Re: Best 3rd movie in a CBM franchise so far?

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
I dont know, I think TDKR was much more ambitious and its emotional beats and ending were much better handled. After the final battle of IM3, which was superior to the one in TDKR I will add, IM3 just sort of rushes to the end, were as TDKR ends perfectly, taking us through about 5 different emotions and giving us a truly satisfying ending.

IM3 just rushes through once the final battle was over, and it didnt take enough risks for me, TDKR took a good few and they mostly paid off.
I don't think a movie can be given a nod for being ambitious alone, the ambition has to be realized. This was one of the common criticisms I recall about the film, that in scope and ambition it aimed high, but didn't quite make its mark. In the case of TDKR, I agree with the review suggesting that the movie was 'grandiose, not grand.' The scope and mood of the film were astonishingly high, but both the way the events played out and how they were presented were shallow and underwhelming for me.

I prefer IM3, but I will say that both movies had terrible, gift-wrapped epilogues. I just think that's bad story telling. In the case of both movies, the epilogues seemed like force-fed conclusions whose purpose was more to give the audience closure rather than the story and characters. A narrative should be constructed so that the ending flows well with the rest of the film...what happened in both of these movies seemed pulled out of a hat.

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