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Default Re: Best 3rd movie in a CBM franchise so far?

Originally Posted by Visualiza View Post
I don't think a movie can be given a nod for being ambitious alone, the ambition has to be realized. This was one of the common criticisms I recall about the film, that in scope and ambition it aimed high, but didn't quite make its mark. In the case of TDKR, I agree with the review suggesting that the movie was 'grandiose, not grand.' The scope and mood of the film were astonishingly high, but both the way the events played out and how they were presented were shallow and underwhelming for me.

I prefer IM3, but I will say that both movies had terrible, gift-wrapped epilogues. I just think that's bad story telling. In the case of both movies, the epilogues seemed like force-fed conclusions whose purpose was more to give the audience closure rather than the story and characters. A narrative should be constructed so that the ending flows well with the rest of the film...what happened in both of these movies seemed pulled out of a hat.
I would have to disagree abut TKDR's epilogue, I thought it was brilliant, and ended this particular trilogy brilliantly, the last 5 mins of the movie I just have my jaw open the entire time, and that last scene and the way it closes, brilliant. It was a bit rushed, I'll give you that, but IM3's was very rushed, too rushed in face, especially him getting the arc reactor removed. That needed a bit more explanation. Even a simply sentence saying that the technology to do wasnt available until now, would have helped a lot. I mean why didnt he just get it removed in IM2 when it was killing him? It confused things in the franchise a bit for me, and it being rushed didnt help.

I also thought TDKR realised a lot of its ambitions, it brought the hero down to a level we hadnt previously seen him, making his triumph all the greater, and there are plenty others it did well also, some were done poorly mind. I just think its a fault of all Marvel Studio's movies so far, that they play it a little too safe, after the success of The Avengers, you would think they would take a few more risks, yet they only took one here, and it didnt really pay off, quite the opposite with a lot of fans in fact.

Originally Posted by Gotham's Knight View Post
I love the TDKR epilogue and thought the IM3 one was decent. It just felt a little rushed to me.
Agree with everything here, IM3 just needed a few extra mins at the end for me, just to explain things a little better. The TDKR ending still amazes me to this day, in fact for me it largely saves the 3rd act of the movie.

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