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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

Originally Posted by AnorexicBatman View Post

Bring on intelligent science fiction from the man who brought us Lost, Alias, Fringe and the "Dark Knight" of 2009, STAR TREK. It will be godly.

How about Del Toro? It would be like Hellboy I & II in terms of tone.
He could make the robots look sorta organic yet somehow mechanical
Or is he busy with The Hobbit?

Peter Jackson? Futuristic LOTR anyone?

Anybody respectable and is not a two bit hack?
Not Bryan Singer though... he would give Optimus an illegitimate child with Elita-1

Wachowski Brothers?? Holy F**K!
That could be incredible. Maybe the next MATRIX for them.

The sky is the limit.
Del Toro, Peter Jackson, and Abrams have their plates full for another 3-4 years so they won't be on board with Transformers. Wachowskis..maybe but they are more into making their own, not continuing what someone else started.

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