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Default Re: Characterization of the Knight - Nolan and Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman - Part 2

Originally Posted by Nave 'Torment' View Post
And you're being blatant. He didn't "vanish" he went into full-on 'stealth" as long as the people were concerned.
I'm sorry, Nave, but that is just untrue. Batman was gone as far as Gotham was concerned. He was not just in stealth mode or what ever it is you're implying. The little orphan kid asking if Batman will ever come back is proof of that.

By the end of TDK most of the mob bosses were killed, criminals were arrested and kept that way, and Batman's absence stopped the Joker's gamble of more freaks emerging (at least publicly). To say that these elements weren't in the film is to question the entire story of why Bane comes into Gotham and why the events of TDKR take place. It's kinda very important.

I see a room full of mob guys. The only mob people who went down in TDK was Gambol, Maroni, and the Chechen. That's three. In Begins we only thought Falcone was the source of the crime in Gotham. Turns out we were wrong. The mob extended beyond just him.

TDK also planted the idea of copycats. Batman inspired rogue copycats. The Joker said he was bringing Gotham "A better class of criminal". He was already attracting Arkham inmates to work for him because they were "the kind of mind the Joker attracts". TDK planted the notion that there was a new era in criminality coming. Joker was going to inspire more freaks just as Batman inspired the copycats. Just like Dent is supposed to inspire Gotham's people with hope.

It was all about inspiration. Cause and effect. Then TDKR turns around and says it's 8 years later, crime is all gone thanks to a parole denying Dent law, and Batman has been gone since the night Dent died.

If felt like the most unnatural follow on to the events of TDK.

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