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Default Re: Characterization of the Knight - Nolan and Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman - Part 2

We have to account for the fact that Dent locked up somewhere in the ballpark of 500 criminals in TDK, and Bane references 1,000 of them being imprisoned under the Dent Act. Is that not sufficient evidence to assume that the Dent Act also helped law enforcement lock up additional criminals beyond those that Harvey prosecuted? Even if we don't know the nuts and bolts of it, numbers are numbers.

Saying that Bane is rounding the number up or just saying it for effect is just as much conjecture as anything else. The movie is tipping us off right there if you're paying attention that the Dent Act has put away more criminals than the ones who were on the ferry in TDK. It's been 8 years...there's endless scenarios in which they could have been busted and endless ways the Dent Act could have sped the process, and I personally don't have much interest as to how it went down, unless it involved Batman somehow helping Gordon from the shadows (in which case I'd love to see a prequel comic).

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