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Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
He's basically stating he lacks the imagination to see how DC's main heroes can be translated on the big screen.

He's saying he doesn't see how it can be done. That doesn't mean other people aren't more capable of visualising how to translate them. People with more imagination than him in that area...
I get what you're saying, but at face value that would be sorta like saying Grant Morrison lacks imagination if he said something like this(not that he would).

What's lacking here isn't "imagination", but something else. Perhaps what you went on to describe.

I personally think with the way WB is ran creatively, Millar has a misguided point. How would a WB exec want to handle the flash vs how well a WB exec would want to handle a more modern gun totting super spy. The characters are a little too new frontier for them is what he's getting at. If he meant what many people here are implying then he would be in a place to say the same thing about Marvel(avengers). Then again maybe he's just being biased.

Adapting Aquaman is very different than adapting a very modern Ironman.

After GL and with their current framework, I personally don't want WB moving forward so quickly until they announce a writer/director duo I have faith in. All this is kinda stupid in light of that DC Universe Cinematic I have in my sig. It's just so clear and simple what to do.

But I digress.
Let's Go Superman.

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