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Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
How so? Flash, at his true speed, is literally impossible to see. So the interesting stuff has to be rendered as slo-mo or “bullet time” instead. And overused, this is a sfx technique which might get tiresome fairly quickly (pun intended ).
Flash doesnt need to be lightspeed in the movie.Just make him fast enough for the audience to get the message and yet slow enough for the film not to always resort to Slow mo.

One of the best displays of superspeed was in incredibles-It was always one of-if not the coolest scene in the movie.

Watch here
Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
Mark Milliar doesn't lack imagination...he lacks class. He was praising the Justice League script earlier, now he pretends he doesn't know how they'll make iconic, long-lasting characters work?


Who cares what he says when his statements are obviously absurd?
He saw no script.He was just ********ting as usual and has now fiven it away by saying he cant see how JL movie can work.Hes qucikly forgotten his little lie.

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