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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
On the money issue, they're not going to reuse footage from the movies, both because of the distribution rights issues as well as it's tacky. They're not going to make a show that's going to be in the hole until the DVD's come out. If it's not profitable as it's coming out, then it will be cancelled before any syndication or merchandising can happen.
I didn't say reuse footage, I said use the CGI models designed for the films. Not the same thing. As for distribution rights, they've brought that up in interviews but they also said there's a good chance they will be able to use the models from the Avengers onwards. Also, we all know this won't tank so let's not even consider that as a possibility. It will get great ratings.

And even if it is by far the biggest and most successful scripted show of all time pulling in 20 million viewers a week, they're not going to spend that success breaking even trying to make an action show with movie-level special effects. They're going to get good character writing and use the CGI and other action to tell a good story that will keep those 20 million people tuning in week after week to see what happens next, regardless of if it looks cooler than last week or not. More cost effective, and has proven successful with Lost, Heroes, Spartacus, TWD and all the shows SHIELD aspires to be like.
I didn't mean that it will average 20 million views an ep, though I do think the pilot itself will pull in at around that number. I'm expecting Big Bang Theory numbers around 14-16 million average.

And I agreed with you that the main draw of the series will be based around the characters and plot. I just think you're underestimating the production values that the show will have. You're using past precedents to categorize this show but this will be, by all means, an unprecedented show in itself. I'm not saying that the production values will movie-quality, not even close, but I do think they will be vastly superior to most shows on TV including the ones you listed. They will have to be really to pull off a good adaptation of SHIELD. That's not just for the action, it's for the setting in general.

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