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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show?

I came in here to see if the powers that be have alluded to just how connected this show will be with the movies, but I see they haven't. What would be acceptable to you guys?
I'd really like for them to pull a Coulson in the other direction. Get the most loved team member/hero or the most hated villain and transition them into the movies. Other than that, I'd only want to see cameos of Fury and Hill in the show and cameos of the prisons in the movies.
I think the show should be heavily connected to the movies, in the sense that the movies provide context for the show. This is the world we are operating in, superpowered beings and aliens and everything that comes with the Marvel Universe. That said, it must be able to exist on its own in that the plot points don't have to necessarily impact or be impacted by the movies. This is why I think that if we are going to see Marvel heroes (and we are), they should be street-level. It works within the budget for a TV show and the storylines can be mostly independent of the movies, while still maintaining threads into the MCU.

-PLEASE be better than heroes-
From a storytelling approach, I think I can agree. Heroes really fell apart after season 1. However, I'd be happy if the display of powers was done on this level. I thought flight, superstrength and several other powers were depicted pretty well.

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