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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
I seriously liked Blake, but I agree that less focus on him would've given them time to better flesh out the Catwoman/Batman chemistry (I wanted at least one fight/chase between them!), Talia, Bane, etcetera.

But when I step back and think about how it would have gone... the less we saw of Batman in TDKR.. the better. They just didn't know how to portray him very well anymore at that point, and the voice had degraded. Bruce was a better Batman than Batman was in a lot of ways, so I was happy with just that.

Boggles me that they nailed it in Begins and then somehow lost touch with it over ime, but I'd rather have it rubbed in as little as possible.
Not to argue the merits of the voice for like the umpteenth time, but I felt it was streamlined just as good as in TDKR as it was in BB - "Where is the trigger?" not withstanding, lol.

But we needed at least one more scene of Bale in the suit doing something Batman-like and an extension of some of the Batman scenes during the final battle. The characterizations of Batman in BB and TDK were perfect for me, in that we had the shadowy/creature of the night in BB and a more "on-the-go" crime-fighting Batman, in his prime, in TDK.

I liked where they were going with the whole legendary status and possible past his prime take on Batman/Bruce. I just wish we had some more of Bale in the suit, but that's probably my inner fan boy nitpicking.

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