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Default Re: MLs! PLACE YOUR BET!

Originally Posted by Spider-Jay420 View Post
Since they gave us Drax we gotta be getting more Guardian of the Galaxy. Ill buy three figures for Rocket, that's cool, I guess. But I wanna see StarLord, Gamora, Bug, the green telepath chick I forget her name, and a baf Groot then. I can't have Drax, rocket and nova just chillin by themsleves.
Totally agree with you there. Telepath chick is Mantis. They'll probably wait for the movie and than do a wave with them... Or give us movie versions... But I want the comic versions. Cosmic Marvel has never really been represented all that well by Marvel Legends. It's about time we get a bunch. I would love to get Eternity, Tyrant, The In-Betweener, Tenebrous, The Beyonder, Adam Warlock/Magus running change, Entropy, Korvak, Living Tribunal, Molecule Man, Oblivion... All the characters we'll never see figures of.

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