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Originally Posted by spideyboy_1111 View Post
Id say 2 surfers, 2 galactus , super skrulls , skrulls(ms) , both captain marvels, ms marvel, annihilus , terrax , black bolt, thanos (ms), brood queen, brood (ms), Adam warlock , Uatu (ms), kree soldiers, drax , ronan , nova.... Are a pretty decent start.... Its far more than we've gotten of alpha flight at least
Yeah, but I'm greedy. I can never get enough cosmic Marvel stuff, cuz those were my favorite comics from my childhood. Silver Surfer, all the "Infinity" series, Quasar, Warlock and the Infinity Watch, all that stuff. It pains me now that we are only basically going to have the two cosmic book, GotG and Nova... And Nova is looking like he might be a lot more Earth bound. I'm just hoping we eventually get Richard Rider back.. It's kind of annoying how Peter Quill comes back with no explanation, yet Nova didn't. Unless the new GoTG book is out of continuity like Avengers Assemble is.. If so that's kinda lame. Things were going so good (at least from a readers perspective) starting with that Thanos series and going all the way through to the Thanos Imperative. It was like a cosmic renaissance at Marvel... And then they blew it all up. There was a certain aesthetic they had going with those books that was just awesome. It almost looks like they are going for a more "cartoony" kinda aesthetic now.. I don't know what Loeb is going to do with Nova, but if it's like anything else he's written without Sale as a collaborator, I'm probably not going to like it. Bring back Abnett and Lanning!! Jim starlin ! Ron Lim ! Give us a Silver Surfer book with all-star talent behind it so it will succeed ! Get Hickman, Remender, and Fraction on these books. Loeb and Bendis just don't seem like a good fit to me. I'll give them every oppurtunity to win me over, and I really hope they prove me wrong, but I aint counting on it.
End of rant

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