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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

I've never been a big fan of Nolans films. He seems to be more focused on being clever and thought provocative than fun. This is a guy that wanted to take away the cape because it was too unrealistic!
Whaaaat ?
He should be thinking about the "I'm Batman" Jokes and how Batman is like Chuck Norris
You are joking right ? please tell me your are joking.
we the audience shouldn't feel like we're sitting in class, we should feel excited to be watching Batman.
I felt really excited watching TDKT, it works both as a movie making class, a copshow, a superhero film, a character drama and a superhero film
Imo Iron Man was the perfect balance of realism, humor, and superhero action/adventure.
I agree although i don't think that tone fits DC characters.

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