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Default Re: One Universe RPG: Season V IC Thread

Originally Posted by Carnage27 View Post
Robin paces back and forth on a nearby rooftop as Spider-man continues to writhe in painful fear as the Fear Toxin continues to course through his veins. The Boy Wonder bends down and places his fingers on the superhero's neck, checking his rising pulse, finding it reaching dangerous levels, "Come on, Bruce. Where are you?"

Like I said, Gotham's sewer system is a marvel of engineering. And if you can stand the sights and smells, and avoid passing overcome from the noxous gasses, it's really something to see.

Unfortunately, as I'm slammed into the wall, it's hard to concentrate on that.


Croc rushes at me. I spring up and plant my hands on his shoulders, flipping myself over him, and helping to shove him into the wall. His head makes a nice hole, and the second it takes to pull himself free gives me a chance to reach into my belt. He turns and rushes at me, but I toss a few gas pellets into his face. He stutters to a stop, his eyes glaze over, and he wobbles in a circle. Then his eyes clear and he's focused back onto me.


Croc swings, and I duck under and slide to the side. That was enough gas to take him down, I'm sure of it. Maybe he's built up a tolerance after being down here? It's not something I can worry about now as he comes after me again. I reach into my belt. Ducking under his punch, I respond with an uppercut, slamming my brass knuckled fist into his chin. I land a couple of more punches to his head and kidneys. A normal person would be peeing blood for a week, but I'm just hoping Croc feels it.

And apparently he does, but it just makes him angrier. I catch a swing of his massive arm in the chest. It sends me into the air, and I land hard. The air is knocked from me, and vision blurs and threatens to go black. My suit's armor is the only reason I don't have a chest full of shattered ribs.

I force air into my lungs, and close my eyes against the feeling of vertigo. Listening past the rushing water, I focus on the other sounds .

"Heh. So much for the 'dark knight'."


Croc yells as my taser hits it's target. I open my eyes and watch him quiver as 50,000 volts flow through his body.

When the taser is drained, Croc wobbles again...this time falling to the ground.

I sigh with relief. "Finally."

I force myself up with a grunt, my chest throbbing. I'll have a nice bruise in the morning. Pulling out a pair of bat cuffs, I bind Croc's arms. Then I think twice, and use two more on him.

And then I notice something moving on his neck.

"What in the-"

The blob suddenly leaps off his neck towards me, but I duck to the side. It misses. I throw a batarang at it, but it avoids the toss and starts squirming away faster then should be possible.

"Oh no you don't."
I pull out my grapnel and fire before it can leap into a tunnel. My grapnel hits, pinning it to the wall. But it struggles and pulls itself free, escaping.

Frustrated and confused, I retract the line. And that's when I notice the smear of blob still on it. "I guess you didn't quite get away after all..."

I don't care about your deathmatches. Don't even ask. I'll just report it as spam.

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