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Default Re: One Universe RPG: Season V IC Thread

Batman doesn't need to do analysis. As the blob continues to try and break free of its glass prison and take me, I cringe at what is staring back at me. "It's a symbiote. Or at least part of one. It's a lot smaller than Venom was when it wasn't attached to a host."

But Batman said it was just on Croc's neck, "And from my experience the symbiote usually covers it's entire host. It almost seems to eat them when it takes over. Just sitting on the neck isn't their MO. Especially if it had a chance at getting its hands on someone as powerful as Croc."

Taking the jar from Batman I twirl it in my hands, "What are you?"

"Batman," I say looking back to him, "do you mind if I take this back to New York? I think I'll have Reed Richards take a look at it."

I got no strings on me...

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