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Default Re: One Universe RPG: Season V IC Thread

Nodding to Batman, I take enough inoculations for Aunt May, Gwen, a few of the Titans, and the Fantastic Four, and web them to my belt, ensuring they won't be going any where. "Thanks for the help. I'll make sure Reed let's you know what's going on, and I'll make sure Robin tells you anything I tell him."

I say goodbye to Robin, and Batman then takes me into the Batmobile and darkens my half of the seating arrangement as we speed out of the Batcave so that I can't find my way back, as if I actually wanted to go back. He drops me off in the city, I thank him again, and the two of us go our separate ways.

Once he's out of sight, I swing towards my next goal, one that will prove to be more awkward than my last, but one that needs to be done.

Landing on the side of a Gotham home, I rap on one of the downstairs windows, and the face that greets me after a minute is not that one I was hoping for out of the two possible outcomes. Barbara Gordon slides the window open, "Pete...what are you doing here?"

The surprise is noticeable, yet there's a hint of happiness. Babs was the one that had broken up with me, and I really can't blame her for the way things went down. And now the two of us have moved on. least I've moved on, so there's no reason this can't got down smoothly. "I was in the neighborhood. Is your dad there? I need to speak with him. And you."

"Sure, I'll get him," she says as she turns from the window.

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