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Default Re: What is your favorite fight in the film?

Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
Should we make a new poll for the best "assault scenes" in the film, then? Would Loki VS the SHIELD agents be more eligible for "best assault" than "best fight"? Or does Loki VS the SHIELD agents count more as a fight because the agents at some points started to throw a punch before being effortlessly cut down in seconds by Loki? Does the intention to fight back make it a fight, then? How do we know that Loki didn't intend to throw a punch at Hulk?
They were also shooting Loki multiple times, as a matter of fact they pulled out their guns on him before he even attacked.

So that was definately more of a fight than assault, Loki also did not intend to throw a punch at the Hulk as evidence by his whimper.

Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
Exactly. I wasn't particularly bothered or passionate on the subject (I'd say BigThor's snarky attitude about it are what prompted my more detailed replies rather than any inherent outrage at the exclusion itself), but whether or not it's a long fight or an even fight or a proper fight, or whether you think it technically fits the dictionary definition of "assault" or "attack" rather than "fight", if you're making a poll you should at least make voting for it an option rather than imposing your personal stance on everyone else.

I posted facts as in actual definitions NOT personal opinions or what I "think", if anyone is imposing a personal stance it's you.

As far the "snarky" comment, you can't be serious...

Don't forget to vote for the WAR MACHINE VS. HEIMDALL fight

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