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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post
That's not the point. I told you, obvious script device.
That is the point. She was written like a real person, not a plot device.

Vicki Vale was her own character, or at least more so than Rachel Dawes. We are discovering Bruce Wayne through her eyes. She is more than just a plot device. Plus I think Kim Basinger has way better acting talent.
That is the essence of a plot device lol. Using one character to simply "discover" another character, instead of doing it via good writing and exploring the actual character themselves.

The romantic interest knowing the hero since childhood isn't knew - it was done in Forrest Gump. It's an obvious way to introduce a character arc.
I didn't say it was brand new. I said it wasn't a tired cliche like Vicki was. Characters like Vicki are a dime a dozen. The romantic interest coming from childhood is not.

I'm not talking about the story. That was obviously inspired by Catwoman's first appearance. She was wearing a disguise and being a thief. Batman figuring out her scheme, etc.

The difference is that Batman let her go deliberately. He wasn't made a fool of.
Batman did not deliberately let her go! What movies do you be watching? He couldn't have stopped her. What did you expect him to do jump out the window after her?

This is all about you pointing out that he is blaming a coin for what happened to him.. I think you're reading too much into it.
In what way? You're the one who brought up this scan. How does this flimsy weak non canon characterization support your argument?

That's the genius. Batman slowly emerges through the story. He isn't front and centre all the time, so as to not ruin the mystery like Nolan did.
Batman is not supposed to be a mystery to the audience. He wasn't in the comics. He wasn't in the animated series. Why? Because he's a fully fleshed out 3 dimensional character who has lots of layers to explore. Layers Burton barely scratched the surface of because he was more interested in the showy misfit villains.

And you say that I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer or just pulling your leg.

It was being hinted at through the whole movie. You just weren't paying attention
So you keep saying, yet you've been struggling to prove it.

So yes, you either are having a laugh or you're not very sharp. Again no offense.

I won't repeat my answer, but it's obvious that Nolan likes having lots of characters and multiple plot threads going on.
A lot of great movies do.

Yeah, I think that the Joker's plans were a little too elaborate. It's worse than the cops not being there to arrest Joker during the parade in '89, but that's already been discussed to death.
Nothing is worse than that. Inspector Clouseau would have been more competent than that

How did Maroni know about Ramirez if he wasn't in on it? Not addressed in the movie, I believe. I have other questions about that, that I may raise at a later point.
Brain Damage beautifully handled that one. As can anyone who watched the movie and saw the obvious

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