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Default Re: The IRON MAN Thread - Robert Downey Jr. Returning!

^What Sterling Archer said.

Also, anyone notice a strong resemblance in that "path I started us on" scene to Harley's garage in IM3 (the place Tony holed up while he was going incognito)? Hell, Tony's even wearing the same checkered shirt he wore from that Rose Hill subplot.

I'm wondering if this is yet another example of mind**** on the part of Wanda. I think she literally gets inside the heads of the Avengers and takes them to the low points of their individual histories to prey on their darkest fears ---- Tony's anxiety during IM3, Cap during a WWII scene (maybe that dance he and Peggy never had...?), Natasha as a child ballerina, Thor in some Asgardian scene. Maybe that's why Bruce appears depowered and shaken up in a lot of those scenes --- Wanda's found a way to make all of them live in fear.


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