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That Article is silly..i read through it.....If people remember correctly Cage and Burton where Top players back in the day. I wanted Cage to be superman...he was one of my fav actors (Rock, Con Air....) Dont get me wrong they both have made some really stupid movies in the past 5 years (more cage then burton) but with the right script and they are amazing.

The stuff the writer picked on, was elements that work in the world of superman (he is no batman where everything needs to be real)....sure some of the dialogue sounds stupid but its the product of its time. Brianiac being created on Krypton, the Animated Series made that work and it was great.

Its like you can take David Goyer's scripts and realize that they are really bad but if a good director picks it up, they can make it work (batman begins, blade 2, dark city)
you can see the rest of movies are not that great.

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