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Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
I don't agree that this film would have sucked. I would prefer Burton's Superman Lives over Singer's Superman Returns and what we've seen of Snyder's Man of Steel. Tim Burton's Superman Lives looks like it would have been a fun, creative sci-fi Superman movie. Burton's Superman Lives still looks like a breath of fresh air to me, especially after viewing Singer's Superman Returns attempt at rehashing Richard Donner's Superman and Luthor, etc. and what we've seen of Synder's attempt at retelling the origin story, again, and Superman versus Zod, again.
So basically just alienate the character completely yeah sounds fun. Basically this film wasn't Superman. I love how you say Superman vs Zod again like its been done a bunch of times on screen. End of the day Zod is obviously the right choice for the story in MOS.

Ill agree Superman Returns wasn't the best but this would have destroyed the franchise.

But each to their own, I'm just glad that we're getting Man of Steel. I've no doubt it'l be the greatest superhero film ever.

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