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Default Re: The "Little Things" You Appreciated/Loved Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by STARMAN View Post
I agree with Audrey. Love that moment in the field. I wanted it to last longer. It was a missed opportunity. They had a chance to show off their chemistry in that scene but it was cut off.
One of the major reviews said something along the lines of, "Adams and Cavill have sparky, fascinating chemistry but the director seems determined to cut it off at every opportunity."

Snyder's biggest mistake with this film was that he seemed terrified of quiet scenes that weren't action packed. And it's a shame. Because this was a GOOD movie. But it could have been a GREAT movie. I want the sequel to be GREAT.

I saw the movie again last week and that scene in the film is just....wonderful.

Adams is so Lois Lane in that scene and Henry is so Superman. She's clinging to him as they come down. He's gentle and kind. She's energetic and stressed and he's this calming presence.

The novelization based on the script has an amazing inner monologue for this scene.

Lois thinks that she can't deny that she feels connected to him despite barely knowing him. She thinks that she has "never wanted to kiss a man more in her life than she does Supermam at that moment."

I think that scene, more than any other, played up the idea that these were two virtual "strangers" who felt a pull towards each other they couldn't quite explain yet.

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