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Default Re: The "Little Things" You Appreciated/Loved Thread

Originally Posted by Audrey View Post
That little moment when Lois and Superman land in the field after they are on Zod's ship...

As with all the quieter moments in this film, it cuts off way too fast. And that's a shame. Because it's actually in this moment where I thought you got the truest sense of the chemistry between Henry and Amy.

Henry's way of saying, "Are you alright?" was just very, very Superman.

I love that Lois is totally breathless and nervous in the scene and Superman is calm and steady. He's both amused and reassuring. It was very Reeve/Kidder.

The whole scene where the two of them are just standing there breathless and smiling despite all the chaos was just very....Superman and Lois.

I wish it had been longer but it promised good things for the sequel.
I think if it had been cut short for a reason (story-wise) other than what it was, I think I would've been bothered too. But for me, I actually really like that they're having this tender moment and then you can see in his face the reason it's being cut short with his realization of them having looked in both their minds (that or his super-hearing picked something up) and for that fleeting second as the expression on his face changes you can almost hear him thinking "Oh ****, they know about the farm and mom."

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