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Default Re: The "Little Things" You Appreciated/Loved Thread - Part 1

Not sure I really get the 'Snyder's aversion to silent scenes' criticism. The film ends on a fairly lengthy 'silent scene' with young Clark playing in the yard with the cape, with his ma and pa watching.

I've been thinking about that scene, and how it received quite a lot of criticism from the GA on Reddit and that, as 'the last straw, as who is he impersonating if Superman doesn't exist yet'. I wonder if it could be a bit of his 'nature' coming out, I mean he's the result of aeons of Kryptonian lineage, could it not be some ingrained part of his passed down DNA showing up here. It could also be Kryptonians have far better photographic memory even as an infant and he has strange vivid dreams of seeing his father walk around in a cape, in the small amount of time before he was put in a capsule.

The other explanation is it's a bit of a Snyder continuity injoke where he's just impersonating the 'Smallville Spartans' who all look like the army in the 300. I prefer the Kryptonian genealogy explanation though.

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