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Default Re: The Official Cell Phone Junkies Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by the dmg View Post
The light sensor issue sucks, but hopefully gets fixed soon.

Really? Did they give any reason why they're moving away from WP8?
Here's the article:

It sounds like it could be a financial problem where they didn't have enough money to develop apps to support more than two platforms (iOS, Android) and decided to cut the fat. (WP) Or they just don't see Windows Phone as a priority just yet.

Sad since GoPayment is a very nice app for small businesses, and since it was the only one of its kind for WP, I can see some of those businesses not moving to the platform. What also hurts is that Intuit develops many apps that would be beneficial for such a group.

Originally Posted by the dmg View Post
But they lose support, then it's no good.
True that gaining market share doesn't matter when there's no support behind it. The whole thing is quite a paradox. Google even confirmed they wouldn't develop apps for WP, because they believe there isn't a big enough user base to justify it. Which is where the paradox comes in, developers want a bigger user base to develop apps for, but the user base will only grow if the developers develop the apps.

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